Plan B Andromeda Pro Skateboard Deck (8″, Trevor)

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Get to shred the signature deck of your favorite Plan B rider

The Andromeda skateboard decks by Plan B has been designed in collaboration with a bunch of their pro riders, including Trevor McClung, Ryan Sheckler, and Chris Joslin. They all come with fading colors and the classic “B” logo with the name of the signature rider inside.

Technical features

  • Made from 7 plies of great-popping Maple
  • Durable construction that can withstand the abuse of the respective signature rider
  • Mellow concave for a comfortable and functional foot-lock, great for when kicking flips of popping shuvits

Please notice: The color of the top ply may vary.

ModelDeck breddeDeck længdeNose LængdeTail Længde
8″ – Joslin8″ (20.3cm)31.75″ (80.6cm)6.78″6.21″
8″ – Trevor8″ (20.3cm)31.75″ (80.6cm)6.78″6.21″
8.125″ – Fynn8.125″ (20.6cm)31.75″ (80.6cm)6.78″6.21″
8.125″ – Sheckler8.125″ (20.6cm)31.75″ (80.6cm)6.78″6.21″
8.25″ – Joslin8.25″ (21cm)32.125″ (81.6cm)7″, 6.78″6.375″, 6.21″
8.25″ – Felipe8.25″ (21cm)32.125″ (81.6cm)6.78″, 7″6.21″, 6.375″
14.22″ (36.1cm)
Deck materiale:
Ahorn, 7-ply
Deck Colors:
Fixed Colors
Deck specificationer:
Dobbel kick-tail
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